PlainZen - A Zen Tutorial in Plain Language

A simple, easy to understand, tutorial of Zen and how to use it in your life. Written in plain language, this hopefully dispels the reputation of Zen as being 'mysterious', 'mystical', 'deep', 'hard to get' because of the difficulty in explaining its practice. Zen is actually very practical and simple if what is explained is what it's for and how to practice it. Other teaching books tend to get bogged down in Zen history, Zen terms and rituals. This tutorial tries to put those things aside first and concentrate on the essence of Zen: how it works, why it works, and how it makes our life better. Not a religion nor a cult nor a philosophy, Zen is a healthy mental attitude that can help anyone of any religious background or philosophy. Zen is basically 'yoga for the mind.' So keep your 'head' limber, stretched and relaxed, and make your life and others better in the process. The time to learn Zen is now.

Tap 'Read' to read the tutorial. When you quit and go back to 'Read', it remembers your place. Tap 'Contents' to jump to the different topics:


Learning Zen is no big deal
How our mind works
Realization#1: Thoughts and the thinker are no big deal
Meditation/Practice#1:Do an activity...
Realization#2: You and perfection
The Self
Reality: only one self
The outside world: The world is out there
Reality: no separation
Freedom from fear: Two kinds: regular and premium
Source of fear
What's there to lose?
Meaning: Life is a river
Outside looking in
Getting back in the flow
Zen practice: Meditation: calm you down
Koans: shake you up
Enlightenment vs guilt: aha!
Conclusion: Zen is yoga for the mind
Meditation/Practice #2: Severing duality
Meditation/Practice#3: When waking or before sleeping

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  The Essence of Plain Zen

Awakening awareness that has always been inside of us, puts thoughts in its place. It subsides by itself, leaving what is. So we then live Life from a state of stillness, using thoughts when necessary, and when not needed, it subsides by itself.


The Present Moment is Life. There is no Past -- where is it? do you see it anywhere? There is no Future -- where is it? look around you, it is nowhere to be found. There is only Now. Live in it. Be aware of it.


Other people are not our descriptions of them, our statements about them. Really look at someone, without past conclusions. But just look -- as if seeing them for the first time. That's when you can have a relationship. Of course if they deal with you from their own set of conclusions, there's not much you can do about that. But at least, you see them and relate with them the way they really are. And that's all that's necessary in 'dealing' with others.


People keep asking, "What should I be doing?" Become aware first, and from that stillness will come the wisdom to guide you in your actions. As the saying goes, "Action without vision is just activity."


How do I differentiate 'awareness' and 'thinking'? Once you become aware of your thinking, then you have become aware. If you're not aware, then you won't know it, you're just blabbering about. Then there'll be times when you go, "Hey! I'm not aware!" and that's when awareness starts.


What happens during awareness? Just do it -- be aware. And then you'll see, rather than intellectually try to understand an explanation.


Be aware. Observe your thoughts. Let them flit in and let them subside by themselves without interfering. Observe what is around you -- where you are, what you see, hear, feel, how your body is positioned, how you breathe, how you sit or stand, what your hands and feet are doing. There! You're aware!

  Ninja Revenge on ISIS

Iga City, Mie prefecture, Japan. The dour gentleman in a salaryman business suit took off his sunglasses. He peeked into a dark black lens on the wall. There was a beep, then a grey door slid open.

About a dozen other salarymen and women were all seated in the room around a round conference table as the newly arrived gentleman entered. As soon as he sat down, all the people in the room, including the newly arrived gentleman, took out a brief case that was placed at the side of their chairs and placed them on the conference table.

They all opened in unison. Inside were shurikens -- star knives. A small samurai sword, the wakizashi. A white bandana with Japanese characters. All the men and women tied the bandana around their heads.

Night time. High above the ISIS-controlled desert in Syria, a transport plane's cargo door opened mid-flight. A small, black, carbon-fiber glider slid out silently. It manuevered the air with expert grace and gently alighted on the soft sand of the desert. A hatch opened and six black figured streamed out and went on a full-sprint, zigzagging along the nightscape. Their special shoes and running technique surprisingly erased their footprints as they went along.

They arrived at a small oasis made of clay ruins. It had a black ISIS flag planted at the middle of it, billowing in the night wind. This particular ISIS staging ground was supposedly where they held and killed the Japanese hostages.

There were guards with heavy arms posted along the walls, but they could not see the black-robed visitors hidden by the night.

Suddenly, shurikens thrown with accurate ferocity slashed through the guards throats, stifling their screams into muffled, blood-filled gurgles. They slumped slowly to the ground, dead. An ISIS soldier standing behind one of the stone walls who saw the fate of one of the guards was just about to shoot his gun to call attention when a black figure silently landed from above the wall with a samurai sword. With one slash of his katana, the ISIS soldier's head was split open and the hand carrying the machine gun was cut cleanly from his body.

There were 67 ISIS soldiers in that stronghold that night. They were later found by government troops with either their head cut off or their torsos slashed open with their insides spilling out. All their weapons were gone. Written in the men's blood on a wall were Japanese characters: "ISIS declared war on Japan. We will finish it. -- The Secret Society of Ninjas"