CopyListK and CopyList2 - copy paste keyboard shortcuts List

CopyListK - keyboard shortcuts List
CopyList2 - copy paste remember List

If you don't like typing a lot on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and wish you had a list where you can copy and paste text easily and quickly, enter CopyListK/CopyList2!

A quick and easy way to store text you use a lot or might use at school or at work.

Store the most used text in the shortcut list. For the less used text, you can store in category lists.

Just one tap on the text you saved and it's instantly copied to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad's copy memory ready for pasting in other apps.

New with CopyListK for iOS 8 and above: CopyListK lets you type in your shortcuts to any app: whether it be Safari, your Notes, Calendar, Mail or whatever. Just go to your device's Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards and click on "Add New Keyboard" and pick "CopyListK". Then when you're at any app where you need to type in a shortcut, with your keyboard up you can shift to your CopyListK via the 'globe' key. Tap and hold the 'globe' key and pick 'CopyListKeyboard'. Now you can select which shortcut you want pasted and the CopyListKeyboard will type it in whereever your text cursor is at!

Very easy to use. Affordable (get it now before prices go up). And you get four apps for the price of one: it was made for both your iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad — CopyListK/CopyList2 for iPhone/iPod Touch, CopyListK/CopyList2 for iPad/iPad Mini, CopyListK Keyboard for iPhone/iPod Touch, CopyListK Keyboard for iPad/iPad Mini.

Supports portrait and landscape view on iPad.

For pasting (not using the keyboard): you can double-click the Home button to jump between CopyListK/CopyList2 and the app you're copying/pasting (just tap the CopyListK/CopyList2 or your other app's icon from the most recently-run list)!

Going from CopyListK/CopyList2 to other apps and back is now just a double-click away!

CopyListK/CopyList2: Super intuitive. Super simple. Super useful.

Note: CopyListK contains both the CopyList2 functionality as well as the custom keyboard which you can use to paste your shortcuts to any app on your device (iPhone/iPad). For users with iOS 7, we recommend CopyList2 because CopyListK requires iOS 8.3 and above to avail of the custom keyboard. Note that the CopyListK keyboard (and any iOS custom keyboard) cannot be used to type into password fields — a security measure by Apple.

CopyListK for iPad Reminder: tap the 'Synch' button!

When using CopyListK with your iPad or iPad Mini, you'll sometimes need to use the 'Synch' button to synch your shortcuts with the keyboard.

When you make changes to your Categories, just tap the 'Synch' button and you're all set.

For CopyListK iPhone/iPod Touch, when you make changes to your categories, just go back to the first screen to synch your shortcuts.

CopyListK on iPad/iPad Mini — note the Synch button:

How to Install the CopyListK Keyboard

Open 'Settings' on your device (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/iPad Mini).
Pick 'General':

At 'General' page, pick 'Keyboard':

At 'Keyboard' page, pick 'Keyboards':

At 'Keyboards' page, add a new keyboard:

Add 'CopyListK' as a new keyboard and YOU'RE DONE:

Now to use it, when you're at any app where you need to enter text, you can type in your saved shortcuts from CopyListK. You can do this everywhere you type in text except for password fields — Apple prevents third-party keyboards from accessing password fields for obvious security reasons.

Tap on 'globe' key to see what keyboards are available:

Pick 'CopyListK' from list of available keyboards:

Pick a shortcut and Walah! your text is typed in:

CopyListK/CopyList2 Backup/Restore/Transfer tutorial

To transfer your list of shortcuts from one device to another (or just to back it up), follow this tutorial:









With CopyListK, instead of just pasting your shortcuts, you can now auto-type them in! No need to go back to the CopyListK app while you're in another app like Safari or Notes or Messages. Just pick 'CopyListKeyboard' from your keyboard's globe key and paste/type away! Then you can tap the 'Return' button at the keyboard's upper left, or change back to your regular keyboard by tapping the 'Globe' button at the keyboard's upper right.